For many years Chicago has been the "2nd City" where media connectivity is concerned.  We now move into an era of connectivity between broadcasters, common carriers, post-production houses and other media
outlets.  The Chicago Switch located at John Hancock Center now offers numerous connectivity services:

Ø Video and audio connectivity between local customers, including Norlight
Ø Last mile connections and intercity relay services
Ø Window space rental for antennae and cameras on the 97th floor of the John Hancock Center
(South and West views)
Ø Fiber access to the 97th floor from the 16th Floor SBC Telco Net PoP
Ø Access from The United Center

The Chicago Switch exists to connect customers to each other.  Local content providers and common
carriers are being sought to expand the array of local loop and long haul services.

The Chicago Switch, LLC   T: 312 640 1850   F: 847 948 0221